Forgetting your work bag, wearing two different shoes when you leave, always late for work? 

The mornings can be stressful; haven’t had your coffee, didn’t sleep right or you just aren’t a morning person.

These 10 tips will help make your morning a little less chaotic, and hopefully, start your day off right.

  1. Pack your lunch – Make your lunch the night before, place everything in your lunch bag, and place in the fridge. All the clean up can be done before you get in the shower.  When you get up in the morning you grab your lunch and go. Looking for lunch ideas? Click here.
  2. Setup breakfast – Make breakfast easy, and healthy. Pre-make breakfast wraps you can heat in the toaster oven while putting your shoes on or make overnight oatmeal you can grab and eat on the way. Want a sit-down breakfast?  Take out all the items needed the night before to streamline the process, obviously not refrigerated items.  Having cereal, get the bowls, utensils out and the cereal out.  That way all you have to do is pour and eat.
  3. Preset your coffee or tea – Make a beverage station; sugars, honey, tea bags, filters, to-go mugs, etc. Purchase a programmable coffee pot and set up before you go to bed.  Making a pour over or tea? Purchase an electric tea kettle that is also programmable.  Setup the coffee pot & electric tea kettle near your beverage station, that way you can pour and go.
  4. Pack work bag, gym bag and/or bookbags – Planning on hitting the gym during lunch, kids have homework that’s finished, finished writing those emails on your laptop?  Pack all the items in the correct bag the night before & place by the door.  That way you do not forget little Bobbies homework again, and you didn’t leave your laptop on the kitchen counter.
  5. Bin by the door – From your keys to your wallet place everything you’ll need for the day in a bin right by the door.  That way you can grab everything you need before you walk out of the door, you won’t forget anything.
  6. Bathroom morning bin – Have to put on face cream, deodorant, and brush your hair? Place everything you’ll need for the morning of in one bin, that way you don’t have to search through drawers and drop the hairdryer on your foot.
  7. Set out your clothes – From your jacket to your shoes, organize your clothes you’d like to wear the next day.  That way you can get dressed and not have to think about which shoes go with your top.  Think you might change your mind in the morning?  Take out two outfits, and just go with one in the morning.
  8. Avoid looking at your phone – Phones can be a distraction, you’ll get sucked into answering emails or looking at Instagram posts and the next thing you know you’re 20 minutes late.  Charge your phone near your beverage station or close to our morning bin.  Opt for an Echo Dot or digital alarm clock instead of your phone.
  9. Clean Up & organize – Before you go to bed, clean up the dishes in the sink, the dirty clothes on the floor, organize the kitchen, this way you are not flustered looking items or upset about dirty items.  Also, run the dishwasher while you’re in bed, that way in the morning you’ll have clean dishes in case you need a clean coffee mug.
  10. Make a morning checklist – Make a list of all of the tasks you need to complete and items you take with you every day before you leave the house.  Type this morning checklist up and hang it up near the door, that way before you leave you can check this list.  This will help you get into a routine, but most importantly you won’t forget anything or forget to feed the dog!

These tips should help you have a successful and happy morning, especially a Monday morning.

Also, getting a good nights sleep will also help with your morning routine. Check out 8 Tips To Fall Asleep & Stay Asleep.

Have any tips you’d like to add that helps you?