Tired of bank fees, being nickeled and dimed every time you turn around? 

That’s how I felt with PNC, non-stopped being raped for every cent I had.  I finally had enough and moved all my money to Simple.

Every time I turned around PNC was charging me for this and that.  One month I had $150 in fees, all because my first direct deposit didn’t go through due to an accountant issue and my second one came early! With PNC you have to have a direct deposit every 15 days, or you have a fee of $75! It felt like I was always on the phone or chat with PNC to get the issue fixed.  All because a direct deposit was early.

My favorite, I was paying bills and they had put a lock on my account since made too many transactions in a certain time period.  That’s fine, actually, thank you for watching out for me. The next month someone stole my card information; made multiple small transactions and multiple large within a couple minutes not even in the same location, nope didn’t even stop it.  Oh best part, it was my fault, a week of a frozen bank account.

PNC was seriously just a disaster, not even all my stories about how horrible they were.

Last year Simple was recommended to me, no fees & no overdraft!  Yes, you read that right, I opened an account & was placing small amounts of money in there just to have.  Last month I officially switched everything over to Simple. Best decision I have ever made! They send checks for my bills, budget tracking and help me save!

My only complaint about Simple, I don’t have the option for instant check deposit. You do have to wait up to 24 hours, depending on the deposit time. Which is not that big of a deal, never that hard up for money.

In the end, I would really recommend switching to Simple.  Also, if you do switch make sure you sign up with my link, we both receive $20! So a FREE $20, no fees, no overdraft, and everyone wins with Simple.