Looking to treat yo self, but don’t want to spend money?

Don’t worry, the Wish App has you covered!

Buy anything from clothes to detox foot pads to even cherry pitters!  Literally Wish has anything and everything you could ever want! Items are as low as FREE with $1 shipping.  You read that right, FREE!

Wish is awesome, it’a mini version of Amazon, minus the free two-day shipping.

There is a couple of cons with shopping with Wish, not always a deal breaker but sometimes.

First, a lot of different sellers sell the exact same item, some sellers will charge a $1 for the item plus $2 shipping, while another will give the item away for FREE, but will charge $7 for shipping. You HAVE TO CHECK to price, make sure to look at a couple sellers before you settle. Along with that, sometimes items are much cheaper at the store or on Amazon. Again you have to price check so you’re not overpaying.

Sizing, which is my biggest complaint about Wish! Converting from different metric sizes is fine, easy with Google conversion.  However, items do not always have the size listed.  In the photo, they will have what looks like a queen size blanket over a chair, but when you receive you realize that was a dollhouse chair and you have a blanket that covers your foot.

Lastly, since most of the items do come from other countries, due to coming straight from the factory, items can take up to a month to be delivered.  Not the worst, because a lot of items I order are not needed right away. We do live in an era of I need it right now, thanks to Amazon, but one day with the Zombie Apocalypse that won’t happen.

The one thing I really love about Wish, there are ALWAYS coupon codes! Never buy anything on Wish without a coupon. After purchasing an item you are given points & after reviewing an item.  Points turn into coupons. They are also always posting new coupons for different items. Logging in every day for a week is a great way to receive a 50% off coupon. Even leaving your items in your cart for a couple hours will land you a coupon between 15-25% off.

In the en,d I really like the Wish app, I wish I could buy more items if they had a better shipping policy.  Also, better communication will sellers, but we can only Wish!

Tell me what you think of the Tell me what you think of the Wish app below.


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