If you know me at all you know that vacations aren’t my thing!

I have serious anxiety about forgetting an item or two, not having enough clean underwear and most of all paying for a hotel when I already pay rent!

The whole concept of thinking about it just causing a panic attack, I can feel my chest tightening just thinking about it.

Even with an unlimited all expenses paid vacation I’m still panicking, because what if I forget my toothbrush? Is this covered in all expenses paid?

I found out that checking a bag can cost up to $55, so that is another strike on flying for any trip! Also, did you know if you leave your car at the airport that cost even more money because we all want to Uber to the airport just to pay another $80!

Seriously, why are vacations so stressful and why do they cost so much money!

Anyways, I need to stop ranting about unnecessary items & tell you just how I’d spend my 2 weeks all expense paid vacation!

Since I don’t have a passport my vacation is kind of limited, yes I know I need to get one of those.

I would have to say I’d spend my time at the beach.  I’d rent a nice little house on the beach, that includes an enclosed pool, just in case of rain.

I’d spend my days at the beach, relaxing drinking cocktails, playing in the sand and ocean with Zoie.

In the evening walking on the beach, eating out and attending whatever local event is going on at the time.

Just an all out relaxing good time at the beach, nothing crazy or out of this world.

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