Everyone always has big dreams when winning a large sum of money from lottery; big house, expensive cars, elaborate trips, etc.

For me, if I won a large sum of money from the lottery, I probably would not do any of those things. So what would I do?

  1. I’d pay off my debt, I have a lot of debt between school loans & medical bills.  As of right now, I sit on a mound of debt that will probably not be paid off in my lifetime.
  2. I’d trade-in my 2016 Tiguan for a 2018 Tigan.  I don’t need a fancy car; however, I do need wireless charging, better-heated seats & a little more room.  I guess this would be a splurge.
  3. I’d move into a 3 bedroom house instead of a 2 bedroom.  I don’t need a lot more room, but an office to work out of & a larger kitchen would be AWESOME!  Oh and I’d add a large beer fridge because that’s awesome.  I know also an unnecessary splurge!
  4. Book a couple weekend trips to the beach just Zoie & I. Hangout, make some memories and enjoy the sand between my toes.
  5. I’d take up the new hobby of home brewing, signup for some classes and just learn about beer.
  6. Place a 1/4 of the rest of the money I’d invest.  This way I will continue to have a nest egg & always have money.
  7. Half of the money left I’d donate to a couple different charities that are in need of help.  I really don’t need that much money in my life, and if I can help others I think that would be nice.
  8. Lastly, I would finally buy a couch to sit on! Seriously, why does something you just sit on, fart on and spill things on COST SO MUCH MONEY!

But, none of that will happen because I don’t play the lottery.  It’s a horrible waste of money & confused why people pay $2 for a piece of paper with numbers on it.  But hey, you do you son.

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