Everyone has a bucket list; the place they’d like to visit to things they’d like to experience.

So what are my five to bucket list items & why are they on my bucket list?

Learn How To Fence

Ever since I saw the fencing scene in Die Another Day I have always wanted to learn to fence. The intensity of the fight between Bond & Gustav Graves, that eventually turns into sword fighting! In college, my co-worker actually was an Olympic fencer, who eventually started teaching fencing classes again.  But, I moved to Utah & never had the chance to take classes.  One day I’ll sign up, just have to take the initiative.

Take a Cross Country Train Ride

When I was a kid my gram always talked about taking a train ride, it was something she wanted to do as a family. Eventually, my pap fell ill to cancer & a couple years later passed away, that put our train ride on hold. Eventually, my gram started talking about taking a train ride cross country or through New England to see the fall flowers. My gram passed while I was in my sophomore year in college, but I always remembered how she wanted to take that train ride.

I have great memories of my gram talking about this trip, even buying guidebooks for things for us to do along the way. As I grow older I think about that trip, the stops along the way, and how I think it would be a great trip to take with Zoie when she gets a little bit older.

Take The Zero Waste Challenge

If you know me, you know I don’t like to waste. Ask my co-workers about my moldy bread incident, which I’m still a little bitter about! I try to upcycle whatever I can, what I cant I make sure I recycle, even though I have to drive it myself to another town! Becuase, well my town is stuck in the 1950s & apparently doesn’t believe in recycling and Global Warming isn’t real. *Insert Eye Roll*

My life is almost already zero waste: reusable paper towels & toilet paper, no plastic straws, make my own cleaning supplies, love my compost bin & started trying to go minimal lifestyle.

Within the next year, my goal is to take on the Zero Waste Challenge & turn it into a better lifestyle. Click here to learn more about the 30 Day Zero Waste Challenge.

Meet Mark Gatiss

Everyone has that one celebrity they’d like to meet, mine is the BBC legend himself, Mark Gatiss. The guy who can act, write, direct and produce! Let’s be honest he’s an entertainment genius, making BBC an amazing channel! One day I’ll meet Mark Gatiss & have my Mycroft Holms Funko POP signed from the ledged.

Live Off-Grid For A Month

Growing up I was an outdoor kid, well not when it snowed because of asthma or a couple weeks out of the spring due to horrible allergies.  But, I loved hiking, exploring the woods, riding my bike everywhere and swimming in the river.  Just being outside & not being accessible every second of the day….

Currently, I’m attached to a phone or a laptop from the time I’m awake until I go to bed.  Even at 2 am when I go to the restroom I answer emails or text messages. I have an Alexa always at my fingertips to do anything I pretty much need or answer any questions.

I’d like to experience the days of no tv, internet or cell phone again. I know that this won’t be checked off my bucket list anytime soon, with other humans depending on me and the fact my job does require me to make the internet.

My bucket list items are a little out there, possibly non-traditional, but they are items I’d like to achieve one day.  I may be able to achieve a couple of these this year while others may take awhile, but one day. 

What are some of the items that you have on your bucket list?

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