My favorite movie surprisingly has been the same since I was probably 8 years old! Drum roll, please….

Willy & The Chocolate Factory, don’t you dare compare that movie to Charlie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, not even on the same level! Gene Wilder is a god!

As a kid the movie was so magical! A room made of candy, a chocolate river that projected creepy videos, rooms of crazy inventions, Wonka wash, Wonka Vision, my god my list can go on!

Even the story; Charlie working so hard, but just was born into a bad situation!  Especially that jerkbag Grampa Joe, who apparently just magically walks for free chocolate (asshole 😒)

Anyways sidetracked the story, he just did his thing and kept husslin those papers & kept it up.  He did have a moment, but hey he’s a freaking kid just doing his best. But, he kept true to himself, listened, wasn’t a jerk & won that chocolate with a whole magical factory.

Notice I didn’t mention the Oompa Loompas, yea no, it does not matter which version you watch I’m still creeped out.  No, not because they are short people.  For some reason, it feels a little weird this adult man just has all these Oompa Loompas living with him working for cocoa beans…

Also, yes I’ve recently watched the movie & yes it still has the same wow factor as it did when I 8, 10, 16, 18, 20.  Still magical!  Each time I open a chocolate bar I still wish that there would be a golden ticket.  The excitement of just seeing that little golden corner, one day it will happen!

Until that day, I’ll just re-watch the movie and live in a wonderland of amazingness with edible grass!

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