Postcards have always been one of my favorite ways to remember outings & trips!

In the past couple of years, I’ve really loved just snapping a photo & mailing a postcard right from my phone. Especially when going on outings with Zoie, being able to send her grandparents & other family members adorable photos of her when we’re out.

They’ve started to get a little pricey, $2.50 for print, 49¢ to ship, and you’re lucky if they even get there within a couple weeks or even months.  We’ve had a couple really bad experiences with postcards not being delivered because the companies just never sent them!

Eventually, with all the hassle I stopped sending postcards.  Once in a while I’d go to Target, have a couple photos printed and mail them.  But let’s be honest that hasn’t happened often!

A few weeks ago we were on an outing and I wanted to send this adorable photo of Zoie at an event.  I downloaded a couple apps, thinking maybe they were cheaper or even easier to use in any way! Most felt like scams, a couple wanted an arm and a leg just to print before shipping, while others were just too extravagant.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, I found Frameshot!  The app does just what I want; I upload a photo, I input an address & I press send! It’s off to the prints, I love the ease of being able to duplicate the postcard, and just press send again!

Oh, want to hear the best part about Frameshot? IT’S FREE! That’s right, here is the catch; you only receive 3 FREE postcards a month & there is a small advertisement on the back next to your message.  But, let’s be honest no one really looks at the back, we all look at the adorable photo a the front.

It get’s better, say you don’t send 3 postcards, well they roll over to the next month!  They also give you ways to earn more FREE postcards, like answering survey questions, inviting friends, etc.

So what are you waiting for, download the app today & start sending photo postcards! App Store | Google Play