Zoie drinks a lot of juice, which means a lot of leftover plastic juice bottles.

The slight hoarder (only for upcyclable items) keeps them because well my town doesn’t recycle and everything can be upcycled!

Today we decided it would be a great day to upcycle those juice bottles into a Snow Family.

The craft was super easy & very cheap! Most items were leftovers from other crafts and the others were just recycled items.

  • Plastic Bottles
  • Beer Caps
  • Ribbon
  • Hot Glue
  • Paint
  • Gems
  • Stones

Also, the craft doesn’t take that much time, mostly just waiting for the paint to dry!

  1. Plug your hot glue gun in, to heat up
  2. Remove the labels from the juice bottles
  3. Set juice bottle caps aside for later
  4. Wash with hot soapy water & dry, make sure the bottles are completely dry on the outside for the paint to stick
  5. Paint bottles desired snow color; white or yellow
  6. Set bottles to the side to dry
  7. Grab your juice bottle caps, beer caps & glue gun (watch glue gun is hot)
  8. Place juice bottle caps solid side up, place glue on the bottom of the beer cap (ridge side)
  9. Now connect the glue covered beer cap to the juice bottle lid
  10. Let these little snow family caps dry
  11. Once the snow family caps are dry paint desired color
  12. Set the snow family caps to the side to dry
  13. Your snow family body should be dry, now time to paint faces
  14. Once the faces are dry, glue ribbon around the snow family
  15. We added a little gem on the center of the ribbon, like a little brooch on a scarf
  16. Twist the caps on the snow family and now they are complete

If you are placing your snow family outside, I’d recommend filling them with stones & gluing their caps on their head.

We didn’t make the prettiest snow family, but Zoie & I had a lot of fun painting them together.  Now they’re sitting on our porch for the mailman to see.

Comment below what your favorite upcycling craft is!