As we make our Thanksgiving Day preparations, there is one thing our family is very thankful for, the ability to afford the healthy food & toiletries all year round.

Please remember those who have fallen on hard times this year, and take the time to donate to your local food bank.  Remember, toiletries are always welcome also.

Zoie & I will be donating multiple items this month to the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank, our goal is to fill a big box full of items. Each time we go to the store pick-up a small item (box of mac and cheese, can of beans, toothbrush, tissues, etc).

Please consider donating items too, remember the items do not have to be expensive or over the top.  A single box of mac & cheese, a Dollar Tree pack of toothbrushes or a can of beans, every item counts.
Need ideas?  Please review our Amazon List (click here) that sends straight to the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank.

We hope you have a great month of November preparing for your Turkey Day!

Wish List Items

**No perishables and/or glassed items.**