The past couple years’ teeth whitening has really taken on the market.

From expensive at home kits to specialty toothpaste to sitting in a dentist chair in the middle of a fairground floor! That’s right, I’ve watched people at The York Fair get their teeth whitened!  Which to me I always felt a little odd watching, but it’s a fair and I was there to see animals.

Anyways off topic, you take methods to whiten teeth people have tried it.

For me, I know I have semi-yellow teeth from drinking way too much coffee.  I brush my teeth twice or three times a day, depending on what I eat.  But my teeth have always had a semi-yellow tint.  I’ve tried different natural toothpastes, even brushing with straight baking soda, but nothing seemed to work.

I’m not a big fan of chemicals, going to the dentist when I don’t have too or paying a lot of money for fancy kits, I know probably won’t even work.

A couple weeks ago I was browsing Amazon (surprise), and I came across Natural Teeth Whitening Powder Activated Organic Charcoal.  I started reading up on charcoal & why people were using it to whiten their teeth!  Last time I checked people used it to cook weenies on the grill.

Turns out charcoal is a pretty amazing product & is used for multiple other cosmetic uses.  Face washes, shampoo, foot scrub and much more.

The more research I did the more I wanted to try this product out!  Watched a lot of YouTube videos, seemed like the product really did work the way it said. I decided it was time to make that Amazon purchase!

Finally, last night I cracked open the little black container and tried it out! I snapped a photo (a bad one) of what my semi-yellow teeth looked like beforehand.

A couple things about the experience of the Natural Teeth Whitening Powder Activated Organic Charcoal;

This stuff is messy! Make sure that you open over to the sink; have a towel to clean up & you’re okay with a mild black stain.

It’s awkward! At first, before the charcoal powder started to devolve, it was like brushing with sand.  There really isn’t a taste, well for me anyway.

You do receive a really cool black slimy mouth, as shown below.  Sorry, I’m a horrible messy teeth-brusher.

After the first brush, I did notice my teeth were a little whiter, you can see for yourself below. I look forward to continuing to use this product again; check back for my progress.

Oh and if you’re wondering if the toothbrush stains, no, it washes out pretty well.

I’d recommend buying Natural Teeth Whitening Powder Activated Organic Charcoal, works great and easy to use.

Just a couple photos of my awkward teeth & the product itself