Reading is a fun activity that transports us to new worlds, but we can’t live there forever.

These bookmarks will help remind us where we are in the story & keep us from bending the pages!

Reading Lamp Bookmark

Reading Lamp

Hippo Bookmark


Stainless Steel Feather Bookmark

Stainless Steel Feather

Zipper Bookmark


Leather Corner Bookmark

Leather Corner

Finger Point Bookmark

Finger Point

Mermaid Bookmark


Little Little Green Bookmark

Little Little Green

Creative Cartoon Paper Clip Bookmark

Creative Cartoon Paper Clip

Submarine Bookmark


Butterfly Bookmark


Help Me Bookmark

Help Me Bookmark

Polished Brass Page Indent Slim Bookmark

Polished Brass Page Indent Slim

Clip on LED Reading Light & Bookmark

Clip on LED Reading Light

Delicate Metal Rose Bookmark

Delicate Metal Nice Rose

The Hobbit Sword Bookmark

The Hobbit Sword

Mixtape Bookmark


Pocket Ruler & Magnifier Bookmark

Pocket Ruler & Magnifier

Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark


Crocodile Bookmark


Keep Calm and Read On Bookmark

Keep Calm and Read On

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And my favorite bookmark….

Harry Potter Bookmark

What is your favorite book to read?