Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits, but cutting and coring make me think twice before even buying one!

Yes, I could buy a pre-cut pineapple for an extra $2-5 (depending on where you shop).  Save my time and my fingers, but I just don’t want to pay that extra money.

Oh, there is that canned pineapple thing, EW! My super dislike for food out of a can.  Is there anything wrong with it, no, I’m just a weird human.

Eventually, I broke down and bought a pineapple cutter & corer.  Watched the commercial, looked amazing, what the hell why not?

Also, I really want to drink Piña coladas out of the pineapple!

Sat in my drawer for months, moved and still sat in the drawer.  Finally, the other week at Aldi pineapples were on sale, I thought it was time to bust out the pineapple cutter & corer!

Let me just say now, I don’t know why I just let this amazing gadget sit in the drawer for so freaking long!

This gadget took under a minute to use! That’s right, under a minute to corer and cut!

Just cut the top off the pineapple, align the pineapple cutter & corer to the center with the core, push and twist! Once you get to the bottom, pull and the pineapple comes right out!

My only issue with this gadget, I often go too far, causing the bottom to have a hole! So no Piña coladas for me.

Another pro, the black handle does come off, so it’s really easy to push the core right out to throw out!

This gadget was very much worth the money spent.  I will most definitely be buying more pineapples!

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