I’m the worst at coupons! I cut them, hang them on the fridge and completely forget them until months later when expired!

A couple years ago I signed up for Ibotta; I stopped using the app & recently stated using again! In just a week I saved $20, that’s right $20!

It’s simple; download the app (App Store or Play Store); create an account & use promo code biqbegd.

Either add deals or select the store you’re shopping at for deals. Once you checkout you’ll scan your receipt to receive rewards. Usually takes 2-24 hours; depending.

If you shop at Giant or Giant Eagel you can link your card & you won’t have to scan your receipts.

Ibotta runs fun deals for holidays, new products and much more. Also, if you link you’re Facebook and you have other friends you can do a teamwork challenges to receive even more rewards.

It’s a simple way to save money with just a touch of a button with a deceive you always have with you.

Don’t forget once you signup to share your promo code. For every referral you have signup you’ll receive $10, that’s right $10 for just signing up. Signup for my code & we’ll both receive $10!

Happy Shopping!

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