Have a bunch of old stuff laying around your house you really don’t want, but want to get paid for it?  Check out Amazon Trade In.

You go to the Amazon Trade-In page, type the item you have in, click the yellow Trade In button, pick the condition of the item, confirm your trade than they’ll provide you with a packing label.

It’s as simple as that!  Finally get rid of all of those random DVDs in the attic and all those old kids books your kids don’t read anymore.  When I was in college this is where I sold my textbooks after the semester was over, then would buy groceries.

There is one small catch, you receive Amazon Gift Card money, instead of actual cash!  But, you can find just about everything on Amazon.com.

Trade-In Categories

With the holiday’s coming this is a great way to clean out your house of those old items you aren’t using to buy gifts for friends, family and even yourself.