My friends over at FabricBunches just started using Instagram & to help promote is doing an Instagram giveaway!Just head over to the BuzzNTheBurgh Instagram, look for the picture show below or click here & repost using the repost app!  Then follow BuzzNTheBurgh & FabricBunches, seriously it’s that simple!

Don’t have the repost app?  Well here is your chance to down the app: iTunes & Google Play.

After all of this what can you win?  2 reusable sandwich bags, that’s right 2 of them!  Hurry up though, you only have until 9/20 @ midnight to enter!  You can even repost everyday for a chance to win!

For more information on FabricBunches please click here.

As always, don’t forget to support your local small buisness!

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