Here are 20 Fun Coffee Mugs you can give as gifts, some are funny, crazy shaped, nerdy and some just plain weird!

  1. Morning Mug – This mug goes from sleepy, to peppy when you pour coffee inside. Great for that morning coffee drinker.
  2. Prescription Coffee Mug – This coffee mug is great for that morning chatter box.
  3. Morning Kitty – A great coffee mug for cat people, just watch out for those ears.
  4. Have a Nice Day – Great everyone with “Have a Nice Day” then when you take a drink show them how you really feel with a middle finger on the bottom
  5. Build-On Brick Mug – This mug is great for the Lego lover in your life *Mug does not come with Legos, click here*
  6. Tardis Mug – Great for any Doctor Who Fan!
  7. Paw Mug – Love that Kitty shaped mug, why not have a set with a paw mug?  It even can make imprints!
  8. 3D Octopus Mug – The handle is an octopus tentacle!
  9. Tetris Heat Changing  Mug – Love Tetris? The hotter the mug gets the more Tetris piece show up!
  10. Donut Mug – For all of those donut lovers, this mug is shaped like a donut!
  11. Coffee Makes Me Poop – Make everyone feel uncomfortable in the office with this mug and it is even shaped like poop.
  12. Toilet Mug – Now that you have the poop shaped coffee mug, why not get a set?
  13. Retro Camera Mug – All of you camera enthusiasts, check out this retro camera mug?  Even if you aren’t a camera enthusiast but an Instagram lover this mug is for you.
  14. Ninja Mug – You’ll be able to fill this mug ninja fast!
  15. Rubiks Cube Mug – No it doesn’t move, that would be cool!  But it’s a complete Rubik’s Cube, it will make you feel like a champion!
  16. Lobster Mug – Have an obsession with lobsters?  Well this mug is for you, the handle is a lobster!
  17. 2-Carat Ring Mug – Does your girlfriend keep asking you for a ring for that special finger?  Well just buy her this mug!  She’ll have the ring when she drinks her morning cup of coffee.
  18. Golf Mug – Have a golfer in your family?  Well this mug has a thru section to practice that putt!
  19. Pac-Man Mug – This awesome mug brings back childhood memories as it heats up!
  20. Mustache Mug – Do you have a mustache or know someone with one?  Well don’t worry about ever dripping coffee on your mustache again!  This coffee cup has a built in mustache guard!
  21. Plain Black Mug – Maybe you’re not into any of that fancy mug life.  You just want a plain old black mug, well I have you covered.

No matter if you like a fancy mug that changes colors, a funny shaped mug or you just like the plain black mug, don’t forget to wake up with that morning cup of coffee.

Need an extra kick in that cup?  Check out my favorite powerful coffee Death Wish Coffee!  It gives you that extra boost in the morning that you need.

Stay-tuned I might just be adding to this list!

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20 Fun Coffee Mugs |
20 Fun Coffee Mugs |