Looking at Hammocks to buy? Want one you can take with you on a hike or just want one that is hassle free? Check out Fox Outfitters Hammock in a bag.

This hammock comes in a bag with everything you need attached. You don’t need poles or equipment to put this hammock up. Just the hammock and a two trees.

Get tired after a hike, pull your hammock out, put it up, take a nap and then take it down and continue your hike.  Seriously it is as simple as that.

The hammock folds up into a nice carry bag, so you can carry it everywhere.  The bag then turns into a pocket, so you can put your phone or waterbottle in while you lounge.  It has great breathable material that won’t make you sweat when you’re taking your nap.  It also comes in a variety of colors, that fits your personality.

Looking to purhcase toady?  Well you’re in luck they are on sale with Amazon Prime for just $59.99, but don’t wait to long the deal won’t last forever.   Not only that, today is Hammock Day!!  Even though you can’t use it today, if you have Amazon Prime you’ll have it just in time for the weekend. So get over there and check it out, click here.