What happens if you let a pumpkin sit for 158 days?

The below picture happens!  It’s pretty cool!

Before Halloween we decorated pumpkins or you could just take one.  Well I decided just to take a pumpkin and just place it on top of my pod wall.  I just let it sit there forever and decided well I’m not really up to moving it and it looks nice.

Halfway thru the bottom started to turn a dark brown/green and then it spread.  Nothing crazy, but started to look cool.  Then it took over the whole pumpkin and it was no longer orange.  Not once did I touch the pumpkin or move it, not sure if anyone else did.

This morning I looked at the pumpkin and wanted to spin it to the other side.  I was in for a surprise!  The pumpkin was hollow, it barely weighs anything.  It feels like one of those plastic pumpkins you buy for decoration.

So now we know if you let a pumpkin sit for 158 days this is what happens, well so far.  Lets hope it stays dry and no bugs come out.