Going to be a mom, are a mom?  You know how those trips to the grocery store can be a serious pain with a crying baby, but you seriously need that pack of TP, another box of diapers or more wipes. 

Amazon Prime is amazing, but Amazon Mom is better.

Not only do you get the Free 2 Day Shipping, but you can get diapers, wipes, and other household items at 10% off and you can set them on recurring order, so you never run out.

Also, if you live on up a flight of steps like us, I don’t feel like carrying a case of almond milk or case of coconut water up the steps.  The mailman can do that!!

Click here to try it out.  You will receive $10 off your purchase and I’ll receive $10.  We both win.

You don’t have Amazon Prime yet, check it out!! The first month is free if you don’t like it cancel it.

They have monthly coupons, just like the Sunday paper, but without the hassle of paying for the paper or clipping coupons.  & again you can sit on your couch in your PJs and never have to go to the grocery store.  Or download the app (iTunes or Android) and grocery shop anywhere.

I sit on the T on my way home from work and double check when our groceries are coming.

OH and did I mention Amazon Mom is free all those coupons!!  Check it out, and don’t forget once you signup to share your link with your friends and get $10!

Amazon Mom