Holiday season is upon is, seriously already.  We have to start busting out those wallets, but why not skip the items and buy online.  If you’re looking for something nice and smells great why not a Scentsy?

They have holiday scents, holiday warmers or just buy a universal one for all year round.  It seriously is the gift that keeps on giving.  It makes any area you have smell amazing and they make that area look pretty.

Buy one for your friends cubical, buy one for your wife, give one for mom in the kitchen or get one for that smelly man cave.  Because they even have sports ones!!

They also sell more then just the burners!  They sell plugins, car air fresheners, bath and body products & they even have these cool things called Scentsy Buddies for kids.

Need to find a person to buy from, check out Twinkle Cooper a great Escential Consultant.

Also, don’t forget you can just buy the scents for someone who already has a burner.

Even if you don’t purchase don’t forget to spread her name around, just in case someone else is interested.

Scentsy - Twinkle Cooper