I’m seriously all for social media, sharing my life with others. Especially since a lot of my family and friends don’t live close. But there are some things you just don’t share publicly!

When I was pregnant I was more than halfway across the country. It was tough, no one to talk to (well in person) and I couldn’t share special moments. When Zoie came it was the same way, I couldn’t share the excitement or enjoyment of her. Even we moved back to PA, we were still on the other side of the state. The only way to share was thru social media and the blog I created for her, BabyKrompholz.com.

I shared daily struggles, pregnancy issues & just about everything on the blog. But I didn’t share bodily fluid issues, I did share when I got my Nephrostomy tube. It was a big part of my pregnancy and very common in pregnancy. But I didn’t share about changing it or again fluids.

When Zoie came we shared her thru pictures and still do, trying sparingly thru Facebook (because a lot of people do not enjoy baby pictures I found out). So I post them on Instagram & I try to moderate the amount I share on Facebook. I share on the blog, I big she’s getting, her teeth and other remedies that I find that work for us for other moms, I don’t share those on Facebook. A lot of my friends don’t have kids & don’t care to hear about them. So if people want to know they go over to the blog.

Along with not sharing too much on social media about fluids and other baby things, we don’t share our family issues. No matter who you are, there is always a disagreement or a fight. No couple or family is perfect. We don’t post about the arguments we have over folding towels or any other issue were having. The whole world does not need to know what’s going on, if you’re having problems it should be between the parties you’re having problems with, not the whole world. The personal life is the personal life, not the world.

Social media was created to share memories, connect with lost friends, share tips and tricks, it was not created to share life drama or personal issues that are meant to be private. If you’re having issues, work thru them privately with help from friends and family, don’t involve the world. Nothing is going to get fixed that way, it will just continue to add issues.