Do you have a morning walk, do you jog during lunch or do you browse around Target for an hour? Why not take all that walking time and donate that money to charity. How you ask??

There is this awesome app called Charity Miles, who donates money to a charity of your choice just by turning on their app and just walking, running or biking.

Bikers get 10¢ a mile and runners & walkers 25¢. It’s a great way to donate by just exercising. It’s also a great reason to get up and be active. Just taking a walk at the park or wherever. For me I have a mile walk to the T every morning, so I turn it on with my Pandora and just stroll along. We even use it when we are walking around the mall, ever mile really does count.

Also you can request a team code for your company or organization to raise money for a charity. Check that out by clicking here.

It’s such a great cause & so easy, just turn on an app and exercise. The app is on both the App Store and Google Play. To find out more on Charity Miles check out their website at

Don’t forget to like them on Facebook & follow them on Twitter.

Also, once you finish don’t forget to share your achievement and how much you give.  This way more people will see and maybe more people will join.