Took my first plane trip ever in my life & it was pretty cool.

We went from Salt Lake City to Denver to Pittsburgh.  I think the worst part of the whole trip was the small window they give you to get from one plane to another.

Our plane landed in Denver, but there was another plane in our docking station, so we had to sit and wait.  Then with Zoie attached to me & Lynne with the carry-ons we literately ran half the airport to the gate for Pittsburgh, we were the last two on the plan, my god it was a run.  We didn’t really get to see Denver airport since we had to run.  So thank you American Airlines for having another plan in a slot and then scheduling the next take off in 15 minutes.  Not okay, just saying, we almost didn’t make it.

But all and all it was a very nice experience, not as scary as everyone says.  We did have some turbulence coming down, because it was storming in Pittsburgh.  It seriously was like riding in a car the whole way & like driving in PA with all the potholes with the turbulence.

Zoie slept going up both times and slept most of the trip & then would smile at everyone and giggle.  So she was pretty awesome the whole trip.

Yep, I’d do it again.