Yea people are all about Earth Day in Utah, but what about the other 364 days out of the year?!

Utah has such horrible air quality!! You walk outside & you think it is fog, no it’s smog!!

The traffic here is horrendous, but the charge an outrageous amount of money for public transit. That is very nice & takes you all over, but again they are super expensive. Then no one carpools because well you might have to talk to someone else.

There absolutely no trees or any kind of green life around here. Even plants & trees that can survive in these conditions aren’t around. Instead they build even more strip malls, massive houses & more temples. So there is no vegetation that can suck up the nasty smog.

Then my favorite, they don’t recycle at all. The only places that do recycle are big stores like Target & Ikea. There is no rule on recycling like just about every other state. Then when asked about recycling “it is to hard, I have to do different bins” or “that’s why to hard”.

So Utah don’t give me you care about the Earth one day, when it takes everyday to care. Maybe if you cared more about what’s going on around you instead of your little bubble. This is yet another reason not to visit Utah & yet another reason people do not like you ungrateful people.