For Valentine’s Day we made reservations for Sushi Yah, an all you can eat sushi restaurant in Salt Lake. By far the worst customer service I’ve ever had, we left before we received our meals.

Let’s start at the very beginning how horrible this restaurant was.

We knew with it being a holiday & the one of most busy restaurant holidays we’d make reservations. So we show up around 6:25 (our reservation was for 6:30) & we were seated around 6:30. Let me just say they were VERY VERY understaffed. Our waitress, one of three, was maybe 16-17, wearing yoga pants & was very VERY confused at what she was doing.

We received our menus, my mother-in-law had never been to an all you can eat sushi before & asked the young girl for help. She was so confused herself and couldn’t explain how the to fill out the form. Eventually we all figured out what we wanted & we handed her our papers. I asked her if they had miso soup, she doesn’t even inform us it comes with the meal for free if we’d like it & no where on the menu does it say it comes with it.

Time goes on little by little we receive our seaweed salad & miso soup. The seaweed salad was good, but the miso soup was like warm.

As we look around at all the tables, no one has food, just drinks, which aren’t being refilled. The other two young waiterss, again around 16-17 are very clueless & also wearing yoga pants. They have no uniforms and apparently can wear whatever they feel like. Oh and did I mention they have their hair down, flipping it around and playing with it will carrying food.

Then we are brought food, not our food. They sit the plate down on our table with a paper with a name. We inform the waiters that this was not our food. She picks the plate back up & says sorry, she then tries to take it to another table, where she again sets the plate down. The couple tell her the plate is not theirs and she takes it back again and goes back to the counter.

At this point we have been waiting 25 minutes for food. We grab our waiterss & ask her about the name on the paper we had seen. We apparently were to put our names on the top of the paper, but we were never informed of this. As time goes on we see multiple tables receive the wrong food, they sit it down and are told this isn’t their food.

Again we are also brought the wrong food. We ask them if we could have new papers so we could fill it out correctly, we have been waiting 30 minutes and we want our food. Time keeps going by and we still aren’t brought new papers or have refills.

By this time it has been 45 minutes! The third waitress comes with yet another wrong order. We tell her this is uncalled for, we just wanted new papers and we were leaving. Instead of saying I’m very sorry, we are busy let me get my manager, she says “Well we are busy”.

We get our jackets on to go, the family behind us, who had been their before us informs is they only received one thing & had been there awhile before We came and were also leaving.

I understand it is one of the business nights of the year for restaurants. First off make sure you are staffed & with people who know what they are doing. Waitress should know their tables, not guess. If you have special instructions on how to order food they should know. Also, it is against the law to sit food down and then serve it to someone else, that is a health code violation. Make sure you give customers refilled & if they ask for new papers to fill out, give them to them.

This was the first time I’ve ever got up and left a restaurant. By far the worst service I have ever received. I should have took the advice of the Google & Yelp reviews. My recommendation, don’t waste your time on this place.

Thank goodness Hoopers saved our Valentine’s Day, with great customer service, an amazing waitress who was very quick and friendly!! Oh and the food was hot and amazing.