A couple weeks ago I tried Happy Squeeze CoCo pouches.

I ate the strawberry one, it was yummy & then went on to try the mango orange. I was drinking away when these hard chunks came into my mouth, they definitely were not fruit. I contacted the company right away. Here they had an issue with some dissolvable vitamins. On top of that apparently you have to check your dates at Harmon’s Grocery store, because it was out of date.

They asked for my address to send me a new pouch, a new pouch was fine, I more so just inquired what the hard substance was. I took a picture of the pouch & was willing to send them the pouch.

I receive a package yesterday 12/6/2013, they sent me two boxes, 6 pouches each of the flavor. I will eat them & definitely continue buying their items.

All I wanted to know was what the substance was. They went above and beyond what they needed to & were so friendly. I would definitely recommend trying Happy Squeeze pouches & they are organic, always a plus.