I haven’t heard to many hosting companies & since I started this job I started working with more and more. Can I just say some of them have been pretty bad, one of the worst ones I have found is Host My Site.

First off lets just start with their bad customer service.  When you call them, they aren’t the friendliest, kind of a bit rude.  If you live chat with them you are lucky if they even answer you in a timely manner.  You’ll wait maybe 5-10 minutes for them to tell you “sure”, “I don’t know let me put in a support ticket”.  They always like to put in support tickets, they always want to put in a support ticket within a couple seconds of talking to you, so that they don’t have to deal with you.  You always get the run around with them also, they always send you to a different company telling you that it’s their fault or you need to fix it there.  Then you contact that site and it turns out no it really is Host My Site.  So you go back to Host My Site and tell them, for them to then tell you oh it was this problem.  Maybe if you looked into the issue the first time, didn’t try to put in a ticket and then point the blame!! My favorite part about their horrible ticket system, they don’t ever email you back about the ticket.  You have to contact them about the ticket, asking them about it.  I had to contact them four times in one day, each time they kept telling me that they were escalating my ticket, they never escalated the ticket, we had to have our IT guy fix the issue.

Today I had the worst incident with a representative today.  He gave me the wrong server name three times, not once did he say he was sorry.  He also really liked to wait 3-4 minutes before he would even answer my question and his answers were “sure”, “of course”, “I don’t know”, “I can submit a ticket”.  When I asked to speak with someone else or a manger, he said he was the only one there.  It’s hard to believe that a company only has one live chat representative on staff at the location.  My issue did not get resolved and I have to submit a ticket.

Oh my even favorite part, their back end.  I seriously thought GoDaddy was confusing, no not even close.  You cannot find anything and when you click something you can’t go back & then half the time your navigation changes and you can’t get back.  After awhile of messing around I finally found where I could  create a database, I created it to then find they don’t actually even give you a link.  It’s some crazy link that you have to ask live chat for.  Then if you do go to their support pages, the information is old & actually isn’t even correct.  So good luck even finding anything that is even on the support page.

The best part was the client switched from a Windows Server to a Linux Server.  We kept wondering why we couldn’t access anything and then we kept getting errors, so yet again I contacted them.  After two days, of phone calls and live chats we found that the issue was that they never even directed the site to the correct server.  Two days and I could not tell you how many representatives later the issue was finally fixed.

All in All, I would recommend using Host My Site, unless you want bad customer service, very unorganized back end and very slow website.