What is jQuery & why use it?
jQuery is a library of JavaScript that was designed to help the web development scripting of HTML.

jQuery is a newer technology that makes websites more interactive and fun.
What will the jQuery teach me?
The jQuery Ninja will go through 8 lessons, each lesson contains 3 tutorials. Each tutorial will go over a section of code you will be able to use in your websites. The jQuery Ninja will go over the code step by step to help you understand. By the end of each lesson you will be one step closer to learning the way.
Who uses jQuery?
Many of the big named companies are using jQuery. Who are those big named companies?

Amazon, ESPN, Google, Bank of America, Dell, Inc., NBC, Match.com & many more big named companies.

Don't you want to know how to make your sites look just as great as those big named companies? Well jQuery can help!!
What browser should I be running?
jQuery supports the first version to the current versions of the following browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera & Chrome. However, jQuery only supports Internet Explorer 6+.

The scroll bars are customized!! They will NOT work in Opera or Chrome.

Make sure to update your browser at this time.

Remember that this is a site teaching jQuery, so you must have JavaScript enabled!!

You must know the basics of HTML & CSS. If you would like a refresher please visit Learn HTML & CSS.

Also, if you have NEVER used jQuery before you will need to become familiarized with where to place code and the names of different code snippets. So please visit >> Getting Started with jQuery.