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The Internet can be a tricky place; from social media to your website, even turning your computer on!

That is why I’m here, I can give you advice on the following topics:

  • Web Development – Helping fix problems with current code, or need advice on how to update your current code.
  • Web Design – Looking for advice on how to refresh your current site.
  • WordPress – Needing a little walkthrough, or understanding how the dashboard of WordPress works.
  • Blog – Start and/or running a blog; need help understanding when to post, how to tag or even what to include.
  • Analytics – All that data can be tough to read & understand. Analytics can help you maintain a better business and/or blog.
  • Social Media – Everyone uses it, but when should you post, what exactly should you post & how do you reach out to your audience.
  • Email Marketing – People receive hundreds of emails a day, what is the best time to send your email and how to get people to read it.
  • Senior Citizens – Trying to understand how to use Facebook to see photos of your grandchild(ren), can’t figure out how to navigate your email or even how to turn your computer on; let me walk you through it, step by step!

**Please note, that it is $2 a minute & I do require a booking of minimum of 15 minutes.  For written instructions an extra $15 added.**

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