Big Science Music is a custom music boutique based in the country’s most liveable city, with clients all over the map. BSM has developed a strong following of advertisers who are drawn to their unique ability to keep emotional triggers and strategy at the forefront of their compositions. We have recently scored powerful and effective tracks for Microsoft’s Gears of War, Converse, DelMonte, and Skinny Cow Ice Cream to name a few. Big Science Music also took home 2 Cannes Grand Prix Gold Lions for their musical contribution in the landscape changing Xbox Halo 3 Advertising Campaign, composing an emotion drenched, gut-wrenching anthem designed to bring gamers all over the world to tears; which it continues to do.

Creativity Magazine top 10 music picks of the year, One Show Pencils, Addys? We’ve won them all, but awards are not what drive Big Science Music. Hitting the target audience, conveying the message brilliantly and strategically while delivering on time and on a budget is what we do best.