Day 10, What’s In My Fridge

Let's just start this blog post saying that this is a judgment-free post! ... Read More

Day 9, Favorite Book

I've read a lot of books & to narrow it down to just one seems pretty hard. ... Read More

Day 8, If I Won The Lottery!

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31 Day Blog Challenge Giveaway

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Day 7, Biggest Pet Peeve

Let's be honest I have a lot of pet peeves, like leaving time on the microwave & socks with sand ... Read More

Day 6, Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list; the place they'd like to visit to things they'd like to experience. ... Read More

Day 5, Dream Job

Dream jobs aren't just fantasies for kids, adults can dream of another job. ... Read More

Day 4, Favorite Movie

My favorite movie surprisingly has been the same since I was probably 8 years old! Drum roll, pleas ... Read More

Day 3, Best Childhood Memory

I would half to say I have a lot of great childhood memories with my grandparents & my cousins, ... Read More

Day 2, Fun Facts

Second day for the 31 Day Blog Challenge, 20 Fun Tiff Facts! ... Read More