Day 21, Current Favorite Place To Be

My favorite place to be would have to be my porch. ... Read More

Day 20, All Expenses Paid Vacation

If you know me at all you know that vacations aren't my thing! ... Read More

Day 19, Last Meal

If today was my last day, my last meal would be my favorite foods! ... Read More

Day 18, What Talent or Hobby would you like to pick up?

One hobby I have always wanted to pick-up has always been bartending.  ... Read More

Day 17, What Did I Want To Be?

When I was a kid I wanted to be so many different things! ... Read More

Day 16, Favorite Place

Just where is my favorite place?  ... Read More

Day 15, An Old Photo

Share an old photo & tell the story behind the photo. ... Read More

Day 14, My Collection

As a kid, I collected everything; tins, rocks, gems & the usual stuffed animals. ... Read More