Do you feel like you have been unproductive with your days, week, maybe life?

Well, it is about time we change that, and become more productive with your time.

Every one of us has a lot of things going on in our lives; juggling friends, families, jobs, school, etc. It can seriously start adding up and place unnecessary stress in our lives that could be prevented.

  1. Create To-Do Lists: Not just a daily to-do list, but a monthly & yearly to-do list.
    • Every morning with your morning coffee write down your daily to-do items. Check out my Today To-Do List Freebie.
    • For monthly & yearly to-dos I’d recommend a digital to-do list tracker like Trello.
  2. Limit TV Time: We all have our guilty pleasures, and love binge watching Netflix. However, you can get a lot more done if you just turned off the tv, and got off the couch. Limit your TV time to 1 hour a week, after a couple of weeks limit to 1 hour every other night, and eventually after a couple of months just an hour or two on the weekends. Highly recommend placing your TV time on your calendar.
  3. Have A Calendar: Your whole life should be on this calendar; from work time, meetings, TV time, to appointments. Have multiple people in your family? Color code each member calendar; swim classes, dentist appointments, to scheduled school days off. This way you’re not scrambling an hour before because you forgot little joey’s brownies for the bake sale.
  4. Write Things Down: Writing notes, reminders, etc will help you remember. Also, you are less distracted being on your phone or computer, especially in a meeting. Purchase a notebook, write notes down during the day, and later if needed type up on the computer.
  5. Prepare The Night Before: Get your clothes out the night before, set up your coffee pot, and make your lunch. Check out 10 Tips For A Less Chaotic Morning
  6. Take Breaks: Taking brain breaks can help boost productivity, this way you’re not continually looking/focused on one thing.  Get up and fill your reusable water bottle, stand up and stretch or even take a walk around the building if you can.
  7. Declutter & Organize: A lot of unnecessary time in our life is looking for our car keys, looking for our bags and/or looking for our pens.  Everything should have a home and labeled so you don’t have to keep looking. Need help, read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.
  8. Workout: This can help get the blood flowing and increase productivity in the brain. Also, multi-task if you can while working out; read a book, watch tv, answer emails, etc.  I know getting to the gym isn’t always an option, and exercise equipment can be expensive, so try equipment-less workouts instead. Check out 5 Concentration Exercises To Boost Focus And Productivity
  9. Have A General Bedtime: I know you’re not 5, and weekends are for having fun. But, try and make your bedtime more consistent & controlled sleeping space. Having a great night sleep can help you feel well rested energized for the day. Having problems sleeping check out 8 Tips To Fall Asleep & Stay Asleep.
  10. Social Media Time: Social media is a time killer, great for when we are waiting at the doctor’s office with nothing to do.  But, it can suck up too much time & we’ve all gone down the dark hole.  Start by limiting your time to 15 minutes in the morning, 15 during lunch and 30 in the evening.  After a couple of weeks try 15 in the morning & 15 in the evening, and slowly you’ll get yourself down to a couple of days a week.

Try these 10 tips for two months and see how your life is transformed. After you try the tips please be sure to come back and tell me how they helped you out.

Tell me, how do you stay productive in your life?