You know I have a lot of things to get off my chest.

But I will stick with a single subject, for now.

My name is Tiff Setzler and I am compeltly happy being single! For the love of sweet baby Jesus PLEASE stop telling me I need to find someone, please stop telling me I’m going to regret my decision, and please stop telling me I don’t actually want to die alone.

I’m 28, I have an active 5-year-old, a full-time job, a part-time job and I am the president of a non-profit, there is seriously zero time in my life to care about another human being.  I barely have time for the one hour of TV time I schedule for myself. I also barely have time for the friends who I actually like, who I don’t get to see. So no, there is no time for another person is not in those cards.

I’d like to also like to add, just because I am nice and offer to be your friend DOES NOT MEAN you can send me nudie photos.  Just throwing that one out there.

In 2019 I am more than willing to make friends, be the friend who takes 10 weeks to text back, or randomly will grab a beer after an event, but I’m completely content dying alone probably with a dog.

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