The obligatory new year’s resolutions post!

No, I’m not making the petty resolutions like being nice, lose weight, go to the gym or

  1. Write More – I’d like to keep up writing blog posts, at least one every other day, hopefully, every day! Schedule time to write and get them out there. Any blog post ideas are welcome.
  2. Get Out of Bed – One thing I’m very horrible with is actually getting out of bed! I’ll just lay in bed, hours after my alarm goes off! I really need to learn how to get out of bed, any recommendations are appreciated! Also, don’t say just get out of bed, that doesn’t work.
  3. Visit More Breweries – I’ve visited a couple breweries in Pittsburgh, however, I’d like to visit more & vill up my Brewery Guide Passport.  I’d also like to visit more around the country, anyone know of any good ones they’d know I’d like to try?
  4. Drink More Beer – This goes with visit more breweries, I’d like to try more beer.  Branch out from my usual IPAs, and try other beers from around the world.
  5. Read More – I read a lot of blog/news posts, and of course, I read to Zoie every night.  But, I’d really like to read more books, more than 5 this year.  Any recommendations please comment below!
  6. Travel More – This year I’d like to get over my fear of traveling, actually leave my house for more than one night.  Start slow, maybe tie it in with visiting more breweries.
  7. Google Analytics Certification – In 2018 I started taking courses/classes in Google Analytics, this year I’d actually like to get my certification.
  8. Cut Screentime – This one will be tough, REALLY tough.  I’d like to not answer messages in the shower, reply to messages at 2 am when I should be sleeping or actually be present when I’m at dinner.
  9. Double Blog Subscribers – Currently I have 1,724 blog subscribers, which has very much grown in 2018. My goal in 2019 is to double that, on December 31, 2019, I’d like to have 3,448 followers. Please feel free to share my blog posts on social, or with others.  All shares are appreciated very much.
  10. Let Things & People Go – 2018 was an emotional rollercoaster, not mentally good.  But, that has been my fault no one else’s.  I need to learn to not sweat the small stuff, stop letting people who don’t matter effect my life so much! If you didn’t care to reach out in 2018, you’re staying there.

They aren’t the best resolutions, but hey they are the ones I’d like to achieve and work towards in 2019.  Any help along the way is always appreciated.  Also, feel free to share yours so I can help you, we’re in this together.  Good luck in 2019.