We’re all trying to save a couple bucks here and there, build ourselves a nest egg.

But, seriously how can you save when you’re living paycheck to paycheck?

  1. Cut Cable – Most cable bills cost between $120-300 a month, that’s $1,440-3,600 a YEAR! Instead share Netflix, HBO, and Hulu accounts with friends & family.
  2. Use iBotta & Coupons – Don’t go to the grocery store without coupons, especially digital coupons with iBotta. I know it takes effort clipping coupons or searching through digital coupons on the iBotta app, but trust me you will save yourself money.  Last year I saved $250 with iBotta digital coupons! You can also stack iBotta with current sales/deals, coupons, and even cartwheel.
  3. Use Reusable Paper Towels – The average family of 4 spends around $184 on paper towels in one year.  The average set of 10 reusable paper towels cost $20, and you can throw them in with your towels you’re already washing.
  4. Stop Buying Coffee Out – The average cup of coffee cost $4, most of you purchase coffee each day, that’s $1,460! Purchase yourself a coffee pot with a timer, order coffee on Amazon to be delivered every month and spend around 4¢ a day on coffee.
  5. Use eBates – eBates gives you cash back on your purchases both online and certain in-stores.  Either start your online shopping trip with eBates or link your debit/credit card before you go shopping. You can also stack eBates with current sales/deals, coupons, and even cartwheel.
  6. Pack Your Lunch – $10 a day is the average cost of lunch, that’s $2,610 for the workdays in a year. Instead, make a meal plan for the week; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. You can use dinner leftovers for lunch a lot of the times. Click here to see cool lunch box items.
  7. Upcycle and Reuse – Instead of throwing out your glass jars upcycle them into stylish storage containers. All those Amazon cardboard boxes can be upcycled into storage bins or picture frames. Old sweaters can be used to make mittens in the winter. Pinterest is a great place for inspiration.
  8. Plan Your Time Off – It’s great to have last minute adventures, however, you should plan a little bit of that adventure. If you are going to an event, look for coupons, package deals or even if purchase now you can get a discount for a later event.  Make sure to map out where you need to go, this way you don’t waste gas and you don’t have to go out again later.
  9. Sell Unused Items – Have old; DVDs, Cds, books, clothing, shoes, and electronics laying around? Sell them to places like Amazon Trade-In, Mercari, Offer-Up or ThredUP, and get money in your pocket!
  10. Cancel Unused Memberships – Let’s face it, you probably have a gym membership you haven’t used in 11 months, and won’t be using. Do you really need a monthly razors subscription or Costco membership? Sign up for SubscriptMe and start cutting back on memberships you don’t use.
  11. BONUS TIP: Signup For DigitDigit is a great app that you link with your bank account, saves for you without you thinking about saving. Some days you’ll save 27¢ others you’ll save $1.  Setup multiple things you’d like to save for; a new pair of shoes, a trip to Cancun, pay off your credit card or even a mental health day.

Use a one or all of these tips and you’ll start saving money in no time.

**I am not an expert at saving money, if you are in serious need of financial help please see a financial advisor**