A couple months ago I saw an Instagram ad for a shampoo brush, and it looked very interesting.

Eventually, I purchased a shampoo brush on the Amazon!  The first time I used the shampoo brush my scalp felt great &

I have extremely thick hair, and I feel as if though I don’t clean my scalp very well. No matter how much I massage I still feel as if though my scalp could be cleaner.  Lately, I’ve also been dealing with dandruff & a red scalp. I’ve tried switching shampoos, and the way I’ve washed my hair, but nothing seemed to help.

Since I’ve started using the shampoo brush I don’t have dandruff, my scalp hasn’t hurt and the redness has gone away. Along with those great perks, I actually feel cleaner!

The shampoo brush is also great those with rheumatoid arthritis, you don’t have to have a tough hold, and you can gently move around on your scalp.

Also, the shampoo brush is amazing for kids learning to wash their hair on their own.  It fits their little hands, actually cleans the scalp and they are excited they can do something on their own. Well, it doesn’t help them rinse, but that’s another product I haven’t found yet.

In the end, the shampoo brush is gentle on your scalp, easy to use for any age and cleans your scalp better than your hands.  Lastly, the shampoo brush is easy to clean, just rinse off in the water.