As we get older it’s hard to go out and catch up with friends.

However, the power of texts, facetime, messengers, emails and so many social media platforms there is no excuse not to keep in touch.

It literally takes 5 seconds to send a message saying “Hey we haven’t talked in a while, wanted to see how you are”. Took me less than 5 seconds to type that out, maybe I should start a timer next time.

But, back to my original point. We are all BUSY! We have jobs, we move, we have kids, we get promotions, ADULTHOOD HAPPENS!  However, when people tell you, oh we haven’t talked in a while, I really want to catch up, it’s like DO YOU THOUGH?!  A lot of us our numbers haven’t changed, our emails have been the same for years, and most of us all have some form of social media outlet.

I have lots of “friends” who live in the same area as I do that I don’t hear from, I’ve stopped texting to say hi, how are you or even asking if they want to grab a coffee. Why because it’s always “I’m too busy” or I never receive a response. There are only so many times someone can reach out, and try until they just give up.

However, I have friends who don’t even live in this state or even this country I hear from at least once a week.  From text, snapchat, phone calls, facetime, or even facebook messenger.  We stay in touch, we take turns keeping up to date with each other.  Why because it takes 5 seconds to send a message!

Also, I don’t mean you have to respond right away, maybe within 5 or 7 days would be nice.  I have conversations with friends and we know we’re busy, because again we’re adults, but they respond in a few days with a response.  If it’s important we GET ON A CALL or FACETIME!

In the end, pick up the phone open and messaging app, and send a message.  Don’t get mad when people stop reaching out, when people stop acknowledging you when you’re in the grocery store, and when people stop asking to grab a coffee!