Thanksgiving is my 4th favorite holiday; sleeping in, nowhere to be, four days of naps, and tons of random foods!

Most of all Thanksgiving is the day to be thankful, for the life you have. This year I have a great deal to be thankful for.

  1. Zoie-Lynne – She keeps my life pretty interesting, never a dull moment with this little girl.
  2. Ad 2 Family – This year my Ad 2 family, which grew throughout the US. Always giving me the chance to learn, grow myself, but most importantly always there to support me.
  3. Friends – This year I wouldn’t be here without my amazing friends who supported me through the ups and downs.  Always a text or a drive away, I have such a great support system.
  4. Actual Size– I have the chance to make the internet a better place every day, and it’s very rewarding.  I also have the chance to work with a lot of great people who challenge me every day to learn but remind me to laugh and a good joke is important.

Now to eat pumpkin pancakes, and start making delicious spring rolls! Oh yeah, I’m not a fan of Thanksgiving foods, but I do love a good Gobblerito!

Have a great Thanksgiving.

**Photo credit Ray Sneed**