What is something new I’ve learned in the past couple weeks?

My whole life I’ve struggled with major anxiety & severe depression. With great therapists and the right medication, I’ve lived a very successful life.

However, there are days, weeks and months I have that aren’t good. The past couple weeks have been a little bit rough; lots of bad news, struggles, and life events.

This past week I’ve learned It’s okay to not be okay. There will be days that aren’t the shiniest, weeks that seem dark.

But, the one thing I’ve very much learned this past week I am not alone. I have an amazing support system that will always for me. A phone call, text, snap or even a ride away I have amazing people in my life.

The bad times will not last, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Make a plan, have a great support system and anything is possible.

What about you, what is something new you learned this week?

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