Name 5 people I’d have at a dinner party, alive and/or dead.

  1. Ville Valo – Lead singer for my favorite band HIM (may you come out of retirement).
  2. Jeff Bezos – Started an online bookstore everyone thought would fail, now owns the company that rules pretty much the world. Want batteries, a box of live worms, laundry soap, a fully cooked Thanksgiving meal? Okay, well that will be at your door in 2 days Alexa will open the door for the delivery team.
  3. Duchess Kate – Future Queen of England, mom of 3 amazing kids, and seriously always has it together!
  4. Bill Nye The Science Guy – The man, the myth, the ledged.  My hero for years, who didn’t love watching him in science class.  My love for at home science experiments, and learning new things every day.
  5. My Gram – My biggest supporter, always there for advice and never was afraid to tell me when I was overreacting.  I never had the chance to say goodbye to my gram, having one last dinner would be amazing.

Who would you invite to your dinner party? Comment below!

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