What 15 items can Tiff not live without!

The past couple years I’ve been trying to downsize, and become a minimalist person.

However, there are multiple items I cannot see myself living without.

  1. Phone – My phone is like my a third arm, it’s always attached.
  2. MacBook – Again, another arm.  Keeps me connected and working.
  3. Alexa – Music, notifications, news, you name it, she keeps me up to date.
  4. A Couch – As long as I have one couch in my life I’ll be okay, a comfy place to sit is important.
  5. Tula – Zoie may be getting older, but she still fits in her Tula, making snuggles so much better!
  6. My Bed – Again with comfort, always have to have a comfy place to lay your head.
  7. Thursday Hoodie – My Thursday hoodie is important; it’s comfy, soft and brings on the good Thursday Vibes.
  8. Lush Lip Scrub – Very important for soft lips, especially in winter!
  9. Notebook – My notebook has all my reminders, important information, you name it!
  10. Power Bank – More than likely my phone is almost dead anytime you see me.
  11. Blue Bag – Chances are my blue bag is with me, or no to far away.  Holding all the items that keep my world together.
  12. AeroPress – Seriously a life-changing coffee maker!
  13. FireTV – All the TV that I want right at my fingertips anytime I want it!
  14. Heated Blanket – All through the winter I sit on a heated blanket! Best Christmas present!
  15. Backup Kit – I always keep an extra change of clothes and snacks.  Because I always drop something on my shirt & am hungry!

What items can you not live without?

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