Period cramps are seriously the worst!

Recently I came across a new brand Queen V, a line of 11 products made from harmful ingredients, and 3 steps all to make sure your V is in perfect health at all times.

My favorite product so far, the Queen V Bombshell Bath Bombs! Once a month we have to deal with cramps, a punishment for not getting knocked up!

The Queen V Bombshell Bath Bombs helps sooth those annoying cramps & they smell amazing!  The bath bombs use orange & rosemary oil, both help calm you down & maybe help stabilize those crazy emotions! Well maybe, you might just cry the whole time or fall asleep in the bathtub…

Not only do the bath bombs help sooth those annoying cramps, calm your nerves, but they also help the pH-Balanced in your V. An improper pH-balance can cause bacterial overgrowth which causes awkward smells and weird discharge!  Let’s be honest, we all want to avoid that.

Lastly, they are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, no dyes, vegan & OBGYNs love them.

So grab yourself a glass of wine or a beer, start filling your tub, throw in a Queen V Bombshell Bath Bombs & just relax!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Queen V product line, and take back your V!