Coffee is my favorite drinks! Well besides beer, two make the world of Tiff a better place.

The past couple years I’ve had the chance to try many different brands of coffee beans.  Roasted different ways, brewed hot and cold & made so many different ways!

One of the weirdest ways I’ve ever had a cup of coffee made for me, in a lightbulb.  No joke, I went to an event someone made one of those Pinterest DIY Lightbulb coffee makers check it out on YouTube.

However, the real reason you stopped by, just what are the best coffee bends around? Here are the top five coffee beans I like to buy for my house. 

  1. Kicking Horse – Kick Ass
  2. Ruby Colorful Coffee – El Salvador Natamaya
  3. La Prima Espresso Co. – Sumatra
  4. Aallegro Coffee – Breakfast Blend
  5. Archer Farms – Tierra Del Sol

Well now you have my secret to my top favorite beans, now just how do I make coffee at home? Well, my number one favorite way the past couple of months, my AeroPress!  Makes the perfect cup of coffee, still working out all the kinks, but man doe sit to make the best cup of coffee! (Big thanks to The Krompholz clan for the gift).

Also, when I’m more in a hurry and don’t have time to make coffee with my AeroPress I do have a cool gadget to make a single pour over.  Check out the post “Single Serve Coffee” for more info.

Lastly, I bet you are wondering just how do I take my coffee? If it’s a great cup of coffee, with the perfect beans I take my coffee black.  I’m not a huge flavored coffee person, if I do add creamer it’s vanilla creamer.  Perfect place in Pittsburgh to snag a cup of coffee 21st Street Coffee, best pour-overs in the city!

Tell me, what’s your perfect cup of coffee?