Want to save money for next years summer vacation, but don’t know where to start? 

Digit is the app for you, save without even thinking about it!

That’s right, Digit will put a couple cents here and there in an account to help you reach your goal without even bothering you.

Just how does Digit work you ask?

  1. Sign up for an account, click here
  2. Link your bank account (I’d recommend Simple)
  3. Setup the different things you want to save for: Vacation, rainy day, nest egg, new coach, etc
  4. Start savings
  5. Cash out anytime

Also, you can set a minimum and maximum outtake from your account.  Hit a financial snag, you can even pause your account from removing money.

Bank account running low and Digit overdraws your account? Submit an overdraft reimbursement with Digit, they have you covered.

The best part, Digit texts you every day to help you keep track of your savings.  A great way to know, even if you don’t login to Digit every day.

Digit even has a saving bonus for saving, even more, a reason to save with Digit.

Let’s get saving today with Digit, sign up and receive $5 towards your savings goal!