As a kid, I collected everything; tins, rocks, gems & the usual stuffed animals.

Now that I’m older, I don’t collect any of those things.  My large tin collection my mother I think still has in boxes in her basement.

After moving to college, to two different houses, across the country and back again,  multiple houses in Pittsburgh, I really don’t have many items.  In the past couple of months, I’ve tried to become a minimalist, making sure the next time I have to move it can all fit in a small box truck.

If I would have to say I collect anything, it’s t-shirts!  I absolutely love graphic tees & shirts from events I’ve attended. They are most definitely my guilty pleasure!

My obsession for graphic tees is so crazy that I have to color coordinate and have categories!  If I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to find any shirt at all.

I have all different kinds of shirts; shirts from friends podcats, tons of HIM shirts, multiple Art Institute of York shirts (mostly Rock The Canvas) & I cannot count how many Harry Potter shirts I have!

To be honest a lot of the shirts I don’t even wear, some are just sentiment of an event I attended or just are so old they aren’t even relevant anymore.  Casein Point I have a Myspace Profile Pun shirt, kids today wouldn’t even understand.

I probably have over 80 shirts in my closet, I’m okay if the collection keeps growing.  Please, if you have a cool band, podcast and/or an awesome designed shirt send it over, I’d probably buy it, especially if it’s a black shirt!

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