Just how did I start blogging, well let me take you back to 2005!

Yea, that’s right you hear that correctly 2005! Myspace was super popular, categorizing my friends in my top 8 & having my favorite HIM song play when you came to my page.

Myspace had a section where people could blog, at first I just used it as my online journal that was open to the public.

Even after I was over Myspace, I moved onto Facebook in 2009 and started using notes as a blog platform. I stopped for a little bit and focused on college.

Durning college I was building my website and tacked on a blog.  Didn’t really use it that much, it eventually fizzled out.

My senior year in college I started up Tiff’s Thoughts; writing reviews, random rants & posts about random holidays.

Ever since 2013 Tiff’s Thoughts has gone up and down and back around.  Some days I remember to blog, while others I’m just living my life.

When I was pregnant, and my daughters’ first couple years I did blog at BabyKrompholz.com that was a lot of fun.  Just to have a fun mom blog!  I hope to one day have a chance to blog more mom, items, but for now, we’ll keep everything here.

Have you ever had a blog?