I’ve read a lot of books & to narrow it down to just one seems pretty hard.

As you all know I’m a super Harry Potter nerd & obsessed with the Sookie Stackhouse Series, even though I’ve read them multiple times I wouldn’t say they are my all-time favorite.

In high school, I spent a lot of time in the library, eventually volunteering because I spent so much time there. We had just about every book, and if we didn’t have the book we could borrow them from any library.  It was a great system, which is actually how I started reading the James Bond series.

I know a little bit weird that a high school student wanted to read a book series that started in 1953. But, ever since I saw the movie GoldenEye when I 1998 I became obsessed with the franchise. I own every movie, have watched just about every documentary & re-watch them all over Chrismas break.  Super nerd I know, it’s okay I’ll stick with it.

But, which book is my favorite out of the series? The very first one, Casino Royale, the one that started it all.  You meet an arrogant Bond, Felix his best friends & the women herself Vasper! Not only do you learn the foundation of Bonds life, partner, and lover, you also get to meet one of my favorite villains Le Chiffre!

Not only do I love the characters, the foundation, but I love how much more you find out about Bond in this first book.  Vasper & Bonds relationship goes into more detail, his hospital stay is much more prominent in the book.

If you’re a Bond enthusiast I’d recommend reading the book, it’s so much better than the movie (I know everyone says that).  I’d also recommend watching the 3episode TV show from 1954, it’s dated for sure, but pretty interesting.

Also, the rest of the book series is pretty solid, it’s interesting how the books are different from the movie, mostly due to the time periods have changed. Highly recommended read.

What is your favorite book?

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