Dream jobs aren’t just fantasies for kids, adults can dream of another job.

As a kid, my dream job was an archeologist or a mini golf course designer. Yea I know, two completely different job fields. I was a weird kid, now I’m just an even weirder adult.

While in college becoming a web developer, I found a passion for event planning. Anything from fundraisers, art shows, fun days, birthday parties, summer camps, seriously anything anyone let me help plan.

Event planning, a Pinterest boards dream! I found I loved everything from picking colors, crafting decorations, finger foods, creating punny signs, even planning guest lists!

Crazy I know, all those things you’re probably cringing at. And saying who in their right mind likes planning a guest list.

Just about every aspect of event planning I love. Well I lie, I hate people who don’t RSVP. Seriously, please for the love god JUST RSVP YES OR NO!

Event planning does not pay the bills, so it’s something I do in my spare time. From planning volunteer events, half birthday parties and fundraisers.

Maybe one day I’ll win the lottery and go event planning full time, that’s why it’s called a Dream Job.

What dream job did you have a kid vs now as an adult?

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