I would half to say I have a lot of great childhood memories with my grandparents & my cousins, to pick just one is a little tough!

I don’t have one specific memory, but a family tradition that happened every weekend.

Growing up I stayed with my grandparents on the weekend & in the summer I lived at their house.  They worked during the week, different shifts, so our schedules were all conflicting, the three of us couldn’t always be at the dinner table.

But, my gram was very adamant about how we had to eat one meal together as a family. Once in awhile, we’d eat together at Hoss’s or Yetter’s Restaurant.  A lot of the times we’d cook meals together, especially in the summer on the grill! We even had our own garden, where we could use items we grew as a family.

That one meal we had together we had; no tv, music, no phones (no cell phones back then), no fighting & no work. We talked about our week, things that happen, projects around the house, what was going on in the town, anything. Everything was put on hold, for at least two hours, and we just spent time together.

Those dinners were great childhood memories, and even after my pap passed my gram still kept the tradition going. I went off to college, but my gram still made it a point to make sure we had a dinner together once a month. After her passing I really didn’t do dinner, it went to be a just meh time.

Now that I’m a working mom our dinner sometimes sandwiches before bathtime or dinner time while I’m on a conference call.  As Zoie gets older I realize how important dinner time is, how that time was so important to just decompress & talk about what’s going on in our lives. My goal is to work on that one meal together, that one meal to just be us with no distractions.

The world sometimes just needs to stop & remember the people who are around you.

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